Upcoming Events

Yoga For Cyclists

Location -  Brielle Cyclery

Date/Time  Monday Nov 26  7:30pm to 8:30pm

A critical part of any off-season plan should incorporate flexibility training so we can be more aerodynamic on the bike and help with injury prevention. With this in mind, we are please to offer our "Yoga for Cyclist" class with Yolanda Howard (cert. yoga for athletes) in the upstairs studio at Brielle Cyclery.

Our initial class will be free (cap at 15 people). Please contact wesley@briellecyclery.com for more information.

Requirements: water, towel, mat.

How to Train With Power

Location -  Brielle Cyclery

Time/Date   Dec 13th 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Come to join Shop Ambassador/Trek Advocate Teresa and Store Manager Wes Erbe as they take you through how power meters allow you to measure your training thresholds more effectively – and to keep track of how your fitness is progressing.

  • Learn the benefits of training with power and more.
    • What Power Meters are out there.
    • How to set up your power zones.
    • Train more accurately and efficiently
    • Power has no drift, like heart rate.
    • Use your meter to pace with perfection
    • Track your fitness easily from year to year. 
    • Know when to rest and more...