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Why Shop With Us?

The Brielle Cyclery Advantage

At Brielle Cyclery, Brielle Kids, Asbury Park Cyclery, and Trek Bicycle Store Middletown, we know you have options when shopping for your new bicycle and cycling gear. We also know that narrowing down where you are going to shop can be a bit overwhelming. We strive to always be your best option. Here are a few reasons that we believe make shopping at one of our four locations your best choice.

Massive Product Selection

We are a bicycle store, and as such we have a ton of bikes to choose from. Whether you are a new cyclist curious about hitting the trails or a road veteran looking to go to the next level, our expertly trained staff can help you find the perfect bike to suit your needs. We also have an expansive collection of top quality accessories to help you personalize the way you ride.

The Extra Mile For Your Comfort & Safety

Typically, when you a buy a bike your body is fit to the closest fitting frame, but there is a lot more to a bike fit than that. Not only will we help you find the right size bike, but we'll also adjust the bike to your body. We also take into account personal riding style to help you find the perfect saddle for your position on the bike. A bike that fits well is both more comfortable and safer to ride!

30 Day Test Ride

When you buy a bike with us, we want you to love it. To make sure that you do love your new ride, we give you 30 days to bring the bicycle back if it isn't exactly what you were hoping for. If you do choose to bring the bicycle back within 30 days, we'll give you credit equal to the value of the bike toward a bike of equal or greater value.

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Free Lifetime Service Adjustments

Most people don't realize after just a few weeks of riding, a bicycle is due for its first tune-up. This occurs because the components have had time to be broken in, and now need to be fine-tuned. When you buy a bike from Brielle Cyclery, Brielle Kids, Asbury Park Cyclery, or Trek Store of Middletown, we include a free 30-Day Tune-Up ($60 Value) to make sure everything on your new set of wheels is operating at full capacity.

Our Staff Lives Cycling

Unlike a sporting goods store or a department store, all of our employees have at least one thing in common - they love bicycles. As such, they also love talking about bicycles. If you ever need credible advice from a cyclist, our staff is more than happy to help!

Unbeatable Service Team

When we receive a new bike, it requires assembly, which means having a great service team is key for the bike to be operating correctly. Our service center is certified by many manufacturers to ensure only top quality builds and repairs come out of our shop.