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Team EPS pb Brielle Cyclery

Riptide - Cawes Cycling logo

Mission Statement: 

Riptide-Cawes Cycling is a Non-Profit 501(C)(3) and Non-Profit 501(C)(4) organization formed to promote cycling at all levels, with an emphasis on developing women's and youth cycling since 2004. Our athletes thrive not just on competition but also on bettering the sport in our communities - making them ideal ambassadors for your business and brand. We strive to create a unique environment where focused athletes thrive, obtain their goals, and provide exposure for your company or business. We aim to foster an environment of mentorship and guidance by developing new riders new to competitive cycling alongside a core group of experienced racers.   

Owner: Teresa DiSessa-Johnson
 Co-Owner: Jeffrey Johnson
 Managed by: Teresa DiSessa-Johnson
 Team Mechanic: Matt DeFelice
 Social Media/Contracts: Donna Ventura

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