Complete Mechanical Overhaul School

Date: March 4th/5th & March 11th/12th (FOUR-day course)
Start Time: 4pm
Fee: $350
Class size: 4 Students
Instructor: Scott Hawxhurst – Store Manager (Trek Store of Middletown)
Location: Trek Bicycle Store of Middletown

Description: This is your big boy… A four-day (two consecutive weekends) tear down of the whole bike, inspect all the components, clean, lubricate and reinstall everything to proper specification. wax the frame to a high gloss. A bit more lecture.

-In-depth discussion of bicycle anatomy, maintenance, and tool requirements
-complete disassembly of bicycle
-thorough cleaning/lubrication of all components
-detailed cleaning and waxing (if applicable) of bike frame
-replacement of shift and brake cables and housing (included)
-replace handlebar tape (if applicable)
-bleed brakes (if applicable)
-inspect, clean, lubricate and true wheels
-Customer bike IS A NECESSITY
-Park Tool "Big Blue book of Bicycle Repair" 3rd edition REQUIRED.