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Electric bikes - pedal assist e-bikes - from Brielle Cyclery New Jersey

Pedal assist electric bikes from Brielle Cyclery New Jersey. What Are eBikes?
Electric bikes, also called e bikes or electric assist bicycles, are human-powered bicycles with integrated electric motors to provide a cyclist with additional power and speed.

The latest generation of electric bicycles feature lightweight, removable, rechargeable batteries making them easy, practical, and fun to use in a variety of settings. This style of bicycle is wildly popular in Europe and is one of the fastest growing segments of bicycles in the US because they make cycling more approachable and are really fun to ride.

You control the power of your pedal assist electric bike.

Who Can Benefit from Riding an eBike? Everyone!

The Daily Commuter
You ride to work, day in and day out. You love the time that you spend on your bike, but you’d love to arrive at work a little faster and a little less sweaty. You would like a little extra help carrying life’s necessities to and from work.

The Recreational, Fun-Loving Cyclist
You enjoy being outdoors and spending quality time with your friends and family. But, you’d enjoy your rides even more with a little assistance on those bigger hills or when the wind kicks up. You’d ride a lot more if it was just a little easier.

Environmentally-Conscious Cyclist
You would love to use your bike more and your car less for your daily tasks, but sometimes it just seems easier to hop in the car rather than ride your bike from errand to errand. If you could ride a little faster and haul groceries easier, you’d definitely prefer to go by bike.

Adult Cyclist
You love being active and exploring the outdoors, but you're not as young and fit as you used to be. You want the youthful joy of riding your bike but your body just isn’t up for conquering tough hills anymore. You’re looking for something comfortable, dependable, and fun.

Physically-Limited Cyclist
You long for the joy of cycling but struggle with a traditional bike's function and physical demands. You’re looking for a bike to exercise and explore the outdoors with, but know that a traditional bike doesn’t always work with your limitations or disability.

Trek E-bikes at Brielle Cyclery New Jersey Trek Ride+
Trek’s eBike doesn’t disappoint with its smooth, predictable power, long-lasting and easy-to-charge battery, and comfortable balance. The RIDE+ features an advanced motor that allows for a very natural-feeling electric boost while you pedal, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you stay in control of your ride. RIDE+ is the perfect combination of fun and practicality. 
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The best way to understand what an electric bike is and how it can benefit you is to see one for yourself and to take it for a spin! We have a great selection of electric bikes in stock and ready to ride, and when you visit us, we’ll take the time to explain how the bikes work and to answer any questions that you may have.
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